Frequently asked questions

1. How do I save a tweet or thread?

There are multiple ways of saving tweets.

  1. (i) Just reply to a tweet by @tweetflick_app save and it will be saved.
  2. (ii) Just reply to any tweet of a thread by @tweetflick_app thread and the complete thread will be saved.
  3. (ii) Or install our chrome extension and click on the Tweetflick icon
    appearing in the tweet cards to save the tweet.

2. How do I create a tag?

Click on any tweet card in the dashboard and in the tags section start typing just click on the create "new tag".


3. How do I include a tag to my saved tweets in dashboard.

Just click on any tweet card and start typing in the tag section and it will auto suggest the relevant tags. Select one or multiple or create new ones.


4. How do I filter my saved tweets in Tweetflick dashboard.

In the filter section here just type anything and it will suggest tags in the tags section and users in the


5. How do I search my tweets in Tweetflick dashboard.

In the search bar type anything and hit enter and it will show all the tweets having the matching the searched word in the full tweet text body.